WRC Factory Investigation

JP Textile Ethiopia

Factory: JP Textile Ethiopia

Key Buyers: PVH

Last Updated: 2018

Case Summary

JP Textile Ethiopia Plc. (“JP”) is located in Hawassa Industrial Park in the small southern town of Hawassa. The 40,000 square meter facility is owned by JP (Ethiopia) Textile Company, a subsidiary of Wuxi Jinmao, a Chinese conglomerate with factories in China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The plant includes the zone’s only textile mill, as well as a garment assembly facility producing cotton shirts, which was the subject of the WRC’s research. Wuxi Jinmao reportedly intends the facility to employ 2,500 to 3,000 employees in 2019. The garment facility presently produces for PVH. The textile mill reportedly supplies fabric to other factories in the zone, which produce for a variety of brands.

The WRC’s report found violations in the areas of:

  • Wage and Hours
    • Failure to Provide Employment Contract
    • Punitive Wage Deductions/Unpaid Labor
    • Failure to Provide Pay Stubs
    • Failure to Provide Uninterrupted Meal Periods
  • Discrimination against Pregnant Workers
  • Harassment and Abuse
    • Verbal Abuse

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