WRC Factory Investigation

Gokaldas India

Factory: Gokaldas India

Key Buyers: adidas, Puma

Last Updated: 2015

Case Summary

The WRC’s investigation found that, at the time of this tragedy, the factory was in violation of numerous state regulations regarding staff qualifications and equipment for onsite childcare and emergency medical assistance, and that, if the factory had complied with these requirements, the child’s death might well have been avoided. In light of these findings, as well as both the enormity of the loss borne by the child’s mother and the factory’s ample financial resources (Gokaldas Exports is majority-owned by the multi-billion dollar private equity investment firm, Blackstone Group), the WRC strongly urged that Gokaldas Exports provide the worker and her family with substantial additional compensation.

We are heartened, therefore, to inform you that following discussions on September 9, 2015 between Gokaldas Exports and the Garment and Textile Workers Union (GATWU), a Bangalore-based labor organization, the company agreed to provide the deceased child’s mother with an additional $10,500 (or almost nine years’ wages) in consideration of her loss. The worker accepted and received this additional compensation on September 14.

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