Testimony from Workers Who Benefitted from Barco’s Contribution of $1 Million

“This is a joyful day that we thought would never come. My father fell ill during the past year, and I felt so sad because I wasn’t able to help with any of his expenses. But now I will be able to help buy him medicine. We appreciate all of the efforts by the organizations that supported us.”

Ana Vilma Garcia

“When Industrias Florenzi closed, I had been working at the factory 15 years. It was very difficult to lose my job during the pandemic. I had no job and no way to pay for our family expenses. Now that I am receiving a payment, I will buy some tools to be able to work for myself. Many organizations have helped us to address this violation and the problems that we faced. We are all very grateful for this support.”

Juan Pablo Barrera Ventura 

“I worked at Industrias Florenzi for 24 years. After the factory closed, I didn’t have a job and I fractured my knee. Since I didn’t have healthcare, I wasn’t able to see get the care I needed, and I wasn’t able to walk for one year. I am going to use the money I receive from Barco to open a small business. We tried to obtain what we were owed through the Salvadoran justice system, but we have been abandoned by our own government. We are very happy to receive this humanitarian contribution from Barco.”

Angelica Marina Perez de Morales 

“It was very difficult to pay for food and other expenses for our family after the factory closed. Now I will be able to make many repairs to my home that I couldn‘t afford to pay for when I had no income. I am very appreciative of the workers who represented us in this struggle. They have been tenacious in their efforts.”

Rosa Elvira Serrano 

“I worked for Industrias Florenzi for 21 years. I am the head of my household and my grandchildren are in my care. When the factory closed, all of us who worked at the factory encountered great hardship. Things have been especially hard because the factory closed during the pandemic. It was very difficult. Many of us had health problems and couldn’t get the help we needed. I thank God for bringing together the hearts of the people who have helped us to get this payment. I am thankful that we have not been alone in our struggle.”

Reina de Jesus Rivera Lopez